Faculty of Maritime Studies

Quality and Academic Accreditation unit (QAAU)


Excellence in quality and academic accreditation of programs and professionals at the national and international level.


Maintaining the quality mechanisms and professional and academic accreditation in the college, and ensuring the quality of education and learning outcomes for the study and training programs.


1-  Spreading and activating the culture of quality and academic and professional accreditation in the college.

2-  Work towards achieving national and international program accreditation requirements for all study programs.

3-  Computerization of the procedures of preparing the course reports and teaching and training programs.

4-  Computerization of the procedures of assessment and analysis of learning outcomes for courses and teaching and training programs.

5-  Ensure continuous improvement of the teaching process and learning outcomes by providing periodic reports to develop the teaching process.

Duties and Responsibilities of the QAAU

1- Defining the quality and academic accreditation activities related to the scientific departments and the college administration.

2- Setting a time plan to qualify the academic programs at the college for the requirements of the NCAAA and the national academic accreditation.

3- Providing regular workshops and lectures to faculty, students and administration members of the college to introduce them to the NCAAA standards and requirements.

4- Supervising and following up the implementation of the NCAAA requirements in the scientific departments.

5- Providing support to the scientific departments to design models for evaluating scientific programs and academic decisions.

6- Helping the scientific departments in preparing the folders of the Course Portfolios.

7- Contributing to the review and evaluation processes of the quality of the educational process in the college.

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