Administration Director


The Director of the Administration

As the Administration Director

This is a time where responsibility is vested in who’s suitable for it, where efforts, wills and tasks are at their highest, and as ships sail the seas while defying the coming waves to gather the pearls of wisdom and knowledge through this unique system (Administration of Maritime Studies College).

I am merely a part of this system asking the help and reconcile from Allah and with the co-operation of all my colleagues (Administration members), having the honor to serve with them in this giant edifice (University of the Founder), carrying out the various tasks by communicating with the assignees, and joining hands with deans, department heads, members, managers, employees and students.

Utilizing all my efforts with what pleases Allah.

Being trustworthy.

And making every single minute count.

Paddling with my colleagues in order to reach the highest of achievements and carving with them a name for our college to serve the university and country.

Administrative Manager


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