Foundation of the Faculty


As a result of the serious shortfall in maritime cadres and due to the apparent scarcity in both academic and non-academic qualified personnel, which are capable to work in all sectors of marine surveying and maritime transportation field, both at international, regional or local levels, and keeping up with the development plans in Saudi Arabia and responding to the national appeal, King Abdulaziz University has felt the importance of responding to the growing demand from agencies and bodies that have a close relationship with both marine survey and maritime transportation industry (such as Ministry of Defence and Aviation,  represented in the Military Survey Administration, Ministry of Transport, represented in the Maritime Transport Administration, and the General Organisation of Ports, in addition to the Office of the Civil Service, and the Chambers of Industry and Commercial) to prepare a project to establish the Department of Maritime Studies in Faculty of Marine Sciences, which aimed at the preparation of marine surveyors, Masters and Engineers of both governmental and commercial overseas ships, Distinctive competencies in the Management and operation of ports and maritime transport works according to the international standards, and the requirements of the international organisations. (Table 1, shows the job percentages in the maritime sector, marine companies, and maritime transportation establishments).

The University Supreme Council, in its forty-third meeting held on 07/10/1991 (28/12/1411), in its resolution No. (8), has been issued its approval to establish the Department of Maritime Studies with its four tracks: Nautical Science, Hydro-graphic Surveying, Marine Engineering, and Ports and Maritime Transport.

The University Council, in its second meeting for the academic year 1423/1424, held on 01/10/2002 (24/07/1423), in its resolution No. 7, had been adopted the study plans of the department in accordance with the University regulations and with the requirements of the International Organisations (IMO, IHO, ILO & WHO), which covering both the academic and applied aspects set forth in these organisations in their International Conventions, to grant its graduates the Bachelor Degree in addition to the International Certificates in Nautical Science and Marine Engineering as well as the Mandatory Courses that enables the graduates to work in these areas at both local and international levels.

Afterwards the department has been converted to the Faculty of Maritime Studies after the consent of the custodian of the two holy mosques, May Allah saves him, telegraphic guidance No. (446/MB) date 21/1/1432 on the Higher Education Council Resolution No. 18/62/1431 on the recommendation of the University Council Resolution No. (2) at its second meeting for the academic year 1429/1430 held on 26/1/2009 (29/1/1430).

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