General Admission Requirements

Prospective students, who are desired to join the Faculty of Maritime Studies, are required to have a general grade in high-school of at least 80% and to exceed the three stages of evaluation for admission, which are as follows:

Stage I

The students must have to be of excellence in Mathematics, Physics and English and achieve 17 points out of 25 points in the assessment of the basic subjects.

Stage II

The students have to go beyond the personal interview and also achieve 17 points out of 25 points.

Stage III

The student have to exceed the medical examination in accordance with the Terms of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which requires that the students of nautical science and marine engineering must be free of chronic infectious diseases, impaired vision and hearing and other incapacitating diseases for work on board ships.

Discipline and Physical and Medical Fitness

The Faculty of Maritime Studies gives the students of Nautical Science and Marine Engineering particular importance to train them on discipline and order, and to maintain their fitness and health as follows:

  • The faculty trains students on the fundamentals of leadership, teamwork, discipline and order through the courses of leadership and Sports (MSN 291, MSN 391, MSE 291, and MSE 391) during the second and third years.
  • Engage in activities organised by the faculty in swimming, diving, every morning physical exercises, water sports and leadership skills of driving yachts, sailing boats, and rowing.
  • Practice of social activities, controls sleep, nutrition, and the legalized exit and entry into student accommodation (if available).
  • Maritime training on board ships for a period of 12 months stipulated in the program.


Language of Study

Since all the programmes of the Faculty of Maritime Studies are technical and professional and rely on scientific and technical terms according to the International Standards of the International Organisations and due to the fact that the official language spoken on board ships and in ports is English, so it will be the language of study. Students will be rehabilitated in the English language through an effective and intensive English language programme that enables students to speak, listen, understand and write.


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