Stages of qualification for students and maritime personnel


First: Academic Preparation

High school science graduates or equivalent certificates in scientific and humane subjects that support these majors in addition to studying specialized subjects in accordance with the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) for level (CAT A) as per the last edition for the year 2010 (S-5). It should also comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


Second: Training Courses

·       Mandatory courses:

First aid

Fire fighting

Survival at sea

Marine environment pollution control


·       Mandatory selective courses

These are special courses for mariners who wish to attain jobs on oil tankers, chemical tankers, and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) tankers.


Third: Sea Service and Field Training

This is the key stage for cadets in the maritime studies department. Time at sea depends on the major that the cadet is studying. For example, nautical cadets need a minimum of 12 months on board vessels engineering cadets need a minimum of 6 months on board ships, and port and marine transportation cadets train accordingly at the port.


Fourth: The Qualifying and Supplementary Program for the Administrative Level for both Nautical and Engineer Officers

     Offering certificate of competency (1st Officer – Master - 2nd Engineer - Chief Engineer) after completing the bachelor degree course .  

    Fifth: further education program:

·    Technical diplomas

·    Addressed courses

·    Certificate of competency


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